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“Have you ever come across special people that have that something extra, and you immediately connect with them? Let me suggest to you all that the author is one of those people. If you are seeking answers  to spiritual truths, this book will expand your thoughts to dig deeper into the meaning of life. I have seen the author first hand bring forth truths on a personal level to affect people’s lives for the better. My belief is that your life will be positively affected after having read this book. Debbie is here at this tie to help many through difficult ties and to give understanding as to why things happen the way they do. A must read. Enjoy!” — Norm Regimbal, OH

“Debbie is the most divinely connected person I know. She has keen insight into the heavenly realm and has a divine purpose in this lifetime to teach the Truth as her soul has always known. The messages in the book will help awaken and understand the meaning of life.”–Leanne Herman, OH

“Debbie is an integral part of our community. She teaches Healing with the Angels at Merging Hearts. This class has changed my life, and I now resonate with the higher beings.” –Phyllis Panchos

“When you’re not sure what your next move should be, it’s great to have confirmation from the other side that you’re moving in the right direction. My father has been a great guide (via Debbie) in the past few years, and it is comforting to know that they’re always watching and helping.”–Danielle Hayduk,  OH